Saturday, September 22, 2007

I had forgotten how painful it was to start nursing.

I received my little "Lact-Aid" contraption and it is working. We both get a little frustrated though because it is hard to get the nipple and little tube in his mouth at the same time. And to get as much of the nipple area as possible so it doesn't hurt as much. It is exhausting but it is working. My milk is starting to come in. That was fast. Hopefully it will continue quickly to fill up more.

So, we are going to a family party today. I will see my sister in law's new baby they have adopted. A little new born girl. In a couple of months, my little sister will have her baby. How fun. I love it that there will be cousins to grow up with.

Gabe already loves going to her house to play with her son who is his same age. He cries when he has to come home. I can't decide if that is good or not!

I was supposed to go running today but I am too tired. It was a really hard night.


Yolanda said...

Well...If you are too tired to run, just be happy knowing you are burning those extra cals while you nurse!

I hope things continue to "flow" well!

Tonya said...

I'm glad that things are slowly but surely starting to work. It's great that he'll have so many cousins to grow up with. Nice happy little family :o)

Jennie said...

i am sorry that things are a little tough for you... but i know that you are doing a good thing...

the right thing...

Lisa M. said...

So glad it's working. That is wonderful. I'm so excited for you.


hope the party went well.

nickparkemjamom said...

Hi Melissa,

It's Lisa's friend Jenny! I just wanted to say, I think it's great you're nursing. I've known a couple of people who nursed an adopted baby, and did really well! What a neat experience for you both!

I'm jealous. I didn't get to nurse my last one, he has a cleft lip and palate. I even tried the Lactaid, to no avail. So it will be fun to hear your updates!

Thanks for sharing!!!