Friday, September 07, 2007

Good Bye, Luciano

I was a vocal major. I grew up in a family of singers. I was not fabulous but I was good. I was better then than I am now because I practiced more but a vocalist doesn't come in to their true voice until their 30's.

I studied mostly classical, which is pretty typical for most who study. The point is, I can listen to a great opera singer and truly appreciate the sound. I recently went to see "Show Boat" with the Opera company in Logan. It was wonderful and it was all opera. My sister came with and really enjoyed it but does not love the "opera" sound.

It is interesting the different tastes we all have. I listened to it, all the while, melting in my chair.

I saw on the news that Luciano Pavarotti has died. My heart goes out. I am sitting here now, typing to his beautiful voice. It moves me like few do. How sad that a light has gone out that did so much for the appreciation of opera music. He was the first to really bring it to the masses. It is because of him that so many popular opera songs are so well known now.

The heavens have received a valuable tenor to their choir and he will be greatly miss by us here left behind.

Thank you, Luciano, for affecting my life in a way that I did not realize, until you had gone.


Tonya said...

I'm not really an opera fan but I can appreciate talent when I see it and this man had talent. Thank goodness for recordings so his voice here will go on and on.

Yolanda said...

Amen...He was exquisite...

Charlotte said...

Between Luciano Pavoratti yesterday and Beverly Sills passing in July, it's been kind of a hard summer for opera-folk.

The circle of life though--It makes me wonder if there's some kid in a practice room somewhere who will be to Pavarotti what Pavarotti was to Enrico Caruso (although I'm not sure what that was, exactly)

Okay--I'm putting myself in circles. It's time to close.

Anyway--I liked this post.

Jennie said...

what a great tribute!

Lisa M. said...

My father was a huge fan, and I grew up listening to his sweet voice.

The impact of a song, is nothing compared to the impact of a legend.