Saturday, August 25, 2007

Good morning. It is Saturday and I love Saturdays. I have to admit, I am a little frustrated right now. My sister who is staying with me took my boys to Lagoon with our bounce back tickets. I couldn't go because the baby was supposed to be coming home.

To make a long story short, he can't yet. His eating has slowed down. They want me to come in and stay the night with him. So I will.

Back to the sister. She is staying with us for the summer. She is kind of on her own at the moment. Taking the summer off so to speak. She is divorced and her kids are all grown and have families of their own. She has been going through a bad breakup for a few years, yes, years now. She is one of these gals that is constantly on the go. Always wanting to do, do, do. It tires me out. The more she wants to go go go, the more I want to do nothing.

I know she thinks I am probably boring but I purposely like to keep the drama at bay. She attracts drama like a bee to honey. You know the type? Something dramatic is ALWAYS coming or going. I don't' mean to sound like I am criticizing. People have a right to their own way of life but she called last night at 9 pm and told me that after Lagoon they had gone to a movie and were about to start another, then they would all sleep at my other sister's house who is about an hour away where they were. Then they would go to Cherry Hill this morning.

I finally got mad. They last time I let her take my son or trusted her to pick him up, he stayed down there for almost a week. Everyday expecting her to bring him home like she said she would yet at the end of the day not showing up.

I feel like she is putting me in a bad place as the bad guy because it makes me look like the party pooper when I say "no". I know my kids are having a great time and I am sure they prefer the fun they are having to being home with the family but school starts on Monday and I have been trying to get them used to going to bed early and getting up earlier.

Jake has to catch the bus at 7 am the the others at 7:30am. Bry was not happy with the news either. ARGGG!! To be honest, I am not too worried about her reading this. I have only one sister who is even remotely interested in reading my blog. I have 5 sisters but none but one read it. That's all I'll say about that.

So, am I making a mountain out of mole hill? I just can't wait for school to start so that there is no time for this kind of thing to happen.


Melessa said...

This is why I had to spend my beloved Harry Potter release weekend driving to Houston and from Oklahoma City and back to get my oldest daughter. She was there with my sisters (who don't read my blog either) and my mom and I knew if I didn't get her they would just stay and stay and let her do a bunch of stuff that I don't allow. I'm the 'boring' one in my family too, though an old boyfriend recently told me "not boring, just on a higher plane than they are." I'm probably just boring, but I'm going with the "higher plane" quote for now. I like it better.

Yolanda said...

No...When it comes to getting your kids on a schedule for school (especially an early one) it is SO IMPORTANT to be able to "lay down the law" as the first day approaches...Kids are funny, they might be disappointed about mom being a "party pooper," but only a mom can know what is truly beneficial for her children...Your sis just needs to remember how hard it is to get kids up and off to school!! Summer is over...

Jeri said...

I don't think you're over-reacting too much. I think your sister is forgetting that YOU are the parent. it's fine to be the "fun aunt" and all that - but you have to always respect that there are parents involved, and they should always be asked BEFORE a fun activity is proposed. it's common courtesy. (Good luck handling it without causing too many feelings)

I hope Jonah gets to come home soon.

Tonya said...

I love Saturdays too!! I don't think you are overreacting at all. You sister should respect you and your wishes. It's hard to have guests for long periods of time even if you love them to pieces. That's why they have all the clever sayings about guests overstaying their welcome :o) Hang in there!

melissa c said...

Well, Surprise! I am the sister she is writing about who never reads her blogs supposedly! Ha!
The story is not quite accurate and and you are all hearing one side. She forgets to tell you that I totally help and back her up and have not attracted drama since I've been here at her house. She is referring to my ex who is pretty reactive. I hate drama and problems and contention. When I am gone she wants me back because I am so helpful and positive and loving to her and her kids. I am no different then all the other sisters who believe in planning fun activities for the kids during the summer and getting the cousins together as often as possible. I have been back and forth between sisters houses often and have only been allowed to take the oldest son one other time. He's always needed to babysit so hardly has been to his cousins this summer. This is the first time Seth has ever went with me and the first for them to be to Cherry hill waterpark! She was not expecting me home till late after lagoon and the kids wanted to leave early to go to the movies which I paid for as well as lagoon. I asked permission to go to cherry park which was free because of passes that were available which usually cost $16. This is the last time the kids could go since it's closing because of school. The kids hardly get to go and do much with the cousins because of money or the long drive. Kids need to have positive and fun interaction with the family, especially when they live far away. Melissa wanted her 11 year old home to babysit all the other 3 so she could go to a feeding at ten. The baby will be home soon and she will get every feeding everyday soon enough. I think she needs to think of her own kids WANTS,NEEDS and DESIRES alittle more often before her OWN.

This baby is going to be a full time job more then she realizes and the kids are going to have to sacrifice more and do more since she wants a new baby.

She forgets to tell you what a good, successful mother I was and how great my kids turned out. I totally focus on her kids building them with positive reinforcement and self esteem and love and attention which will only help them and is needed.

I understand and love you Melissa and hear what you are saying. I think it's only fair to say the whole story and the truth. You shouldn't write when you are angry because your perception is altered.

I Love You!

melissa c said...

Well, there you have it. Family. Her perception is her perception and mine is mine.

I'm not going to have issues here so all I have to say to what S said was I am am very surprised you happened to read my blog on the day it was about you. Weird. big happy family.

Jennie said...

wow! family... aren't they great! lol!

i don't think that you overreacted at all! this is YOUR family, YOUR kids, and YOUR home with YOUR rules.

why is that so hard to understand.

anyway... good for you melissa! stand your ground!