Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"8" meme

Lisa tagged me to do the 8 unexpected things that happened on our family reunion camp out. I don't think there were 8 things but here goes.

1. Let's see, I found out after the fact that our 3 three year olds filled the slot you pay for your spot with, with water. I don't know how that could happen since they were NEVER out of our sights! Right!

2. Seth actually had more fun playing with his girl cousins than the boys. Granted there are no boy cousins his age but he usually liked tagging around with the big boys in the past.

3. Gabe kept me awake all three nights. (was that really a surprise?)

4. I got along with all my sisters and had no problems with any of them. That is new!

5. My one sister got drunk on the first night I was there. That was a first for me to see. I told her that she had been no fun and that I didn't even recognize who had inhabited her body and that I hoped she didn't do that again and she didn't.

6. Bryan was hardly ever there. Between working and feeding our animals at home, he was pretty much a figment of my imagination. Can't decide if that was a surprise or not.

7. I had ice until the very end. Amazing!

8. The bathrooms were relatively clean. That is always nice.

I tag....Yolanda, Tash, Jewel, Josi, Jen, Mel, Charlotte and Jeri!


Lisa M. said...

Ah I love it!

I just tagged you for eight random things. I am so glad that you chose this venue!

Yay! I am glad you got along with everyone and that it went well!

I love ya!

How is the baby?

Andy said...

How would you rally the family around the slogan that hangs in my kitchen:

"Friends Welcome...Relatives by Appointment"


Yolanda said...

Yes..."Andy" would be me...