Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bry and I went to the hospital on our date night tonight. Guess who was there at the time. Yep, the birth mom. And funny thing.... as soon as I saw her, all my anger melted away. We sat down and just talked. It was a great visit and we were able to be very honest with each other. She was worried that I had only taken the baby because we had Gabe and didn't really want him. She was relieved to know that we really wanted him and she was really relieved when she had found out he would be with our family.

She really is a very sweet person and I do believe she has a good heart if she can get straightened out.. It wouldn't surprise me if she asked us to keep Gus. I asked her about the name and she said she liked it because of the character named Augustus in Lonesome Dove.

Anyway, I am glad we met up with her and had the chance to talk like we did. I think it will all work out in the end. Sometimes it is hard to accept because we want what we want.

we went out to eat at Ruby Tuesday afterward. Man, what good food.


Rye said...
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Lisa M. said...

Ruby Tuesday is so good-

I'm glad you got to talk to her tomorrow. I am so happy for you- It's neat to come to terms with those things.

Were her parental rights stripped away? I think the hospital has to be advised by the court (which would go through your case manager) of that instance, or else they have to let her in.

I am pretty sure that is the way it works.

I am glad he is almost ready to come home.

I need to bring you a cradle.

Much love-

maren said...

I'm glad you got to talk to her and that eased your feelings.

Jennie said...

i have been out of the loop a bit lately, but i am back!

i have missed your blog! i am glad to know that all is well!

good for you! you are moving mountains! and i am impressed!

Lammy said...

I wondered if you would email me about some questions I have about fostering..etc.