Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Have you seen 'em?

They're here! Those evil, little blood sucking demons from you know where! Yes, the dreaded "no-see-um."

Little gnats that pester and bite, but are invisible to the naked eye! I have seventeen bites just on my neck and chest! That is from one day outside! Yes, folks! ONE DAY!

The nasty bugs come every May and stay for two to four weeks depending on the weather. The first year we lived here, I thought my son had chicken pox! He came in the house covered with red welts all over his body! They itch like the devil and are always there, waiting . . . watching.

I pray for relief!


Josi said...

Before we moved up here I called the school about something and told the receptionist we were moving up there in a couple of weeks. Her comment "I hope you like misquietos (which I can't spell)" Bugs + Box Elder County; gotta love it (or at least put up with it as best you can)

Amy said...

Luckily we seem to miss out on those down here. But I am seeing all the other pests creeping in. Spiders, ants, etc. Yuck!