Saturday, May 02, 2009

A good son

I've had a really hard time wanting to work out lately. There's just no motivation there for some reason. My nine year old and I made a pact though. We decided a few weeks ago that we would go running every Saturday morning together.

We couldn't go last week due to the conference, but this morning, he hopped in bed with me at 6:30 fully dressed and ready to go. Now, let me just say, I was NOT in the mood to go for a run o this overcast, slightly rainy morning, but I had promised!

So I pulled myself out of bed, threw on my running clothes and out the door we went. I had not slept well and was surprised at how well we did. We only went two miles and walked part of the time, but I have to say, Seth pushes me to do better. I would not have gone if he hadn't gotten me up. In fact, I'd hoped he'd forget! But he loves this time alone for us. I do too . . . once I'm up, that is.

Thanks Seth. I sure love you, bud!


Tash said...

lol what a good boy :)

ACK said...

What section is your blog background in. i cant find it on the the cutest blog backgrounds page. i like this back ground.

ACK said...

can you tell me the code for it?