Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A good meal

Both of my oldest kids have a day to make dinner. I want them to be smart, able, and independent. Yesterday was Seth, my nine year old's turn. Since I am doing the South Beach Diet again, I have to eat a certain way. Normally, the boys like to make hot dogs or mac and cheese. Yuck.

So, I defrosted the chicken breasts, got out the package of powdered marinade and supervised as Seth and his friend Adam, who was over, read the directions for the marinade and baked the chicken. They were amazed how many times they had to wash their hands when dealing with chicken, but they did great. While the chicken baked, I told Seth he had to make a salad. With a happy heart and gusto, he went to work washing and tearing the red leaf lettuce, cutting up cucumber, pepper, tomatoes and green onions. He did it alone and it was fabulous!

All through dinner, the kids raved about the chicken, and dang! It was good! Seth was on cloud nine. I was so glad I'd had him cook this way. I want him to be confident enough to know that he can make good food, not just fast food. It was a huge self esteem boost for him. I should have had him steam some veggies too, but I was being lazy. Anyway, it was fabulous. What great kids I have!

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Yolanda said...

His future wife will be very happy!!