Monday, April 13, 2009

A sad story

Once upon a time, a very tired mommy was awakened early in the morning by her handsome husband. He had come running into their bedroom, carrying their Shi Tzus, screaming for help.

It seems their four year old golden retriever had bitten Cookie, the Shi Tzus so forcefully, that her eye popped out. From what they knew, Cookie had gotten too close to Jenny's food bowl.

The devastated couple drove like maniacs to the vet. The eye could not be saved as it had come out too far and the optical nerve had been severed.

The eye was removed and sewn up. The mommy and Daddy are heartsick and now will get rid of their dog, Jenny. They just can't trust her. What if it had been their baby, Wyatt or one of the other kids? What if, what if, what if? Would Jenny do this again? Possibly. It is a chance they are not willing to take.

This family is so sad today. Cookie should be fine but will never be the same. What a hard life lesson.


Charlotte said...

Oh dear. That IS a sad story. I'm sorry.

Jeri said...

That is awful. I am so sorry.

Tash said...

I am so sorry :( Poor cookie..give her lots of hugs for me.

Amy said...

That is horrible! I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

How terrible for you guys. It sounds like a lot of loss, Cookies eye, Jenny going... so sad. love, K