Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good morning and Happy father's day! It was a beautiful morning as I slid out of bed. I kissed Bry and forced myself out the door to walk. Yes, walk. I strapped on the old ipod, turned on the Proclaimers, and off I went.

I am once again starting over. My sacrum, from not having been correctly adjusted for so long ( I hadn't been to see my normal chiropractor in a while) decided to give me some new torture. Now, when it goes out of alignment, it pinches something in the front groin area, like a nerve. So, now I Ache right there where your leg bends forward and if I run, it's even worse.. I got it fixed yesterday and the best thing for it is to walk, so walk, I will! At least I can.

Brad also did something called "cupping" on my low back. It's like acupuncture, or at least it accomplishes close to the same thing and it felt really cool. I am going to have him do it every time he adjusts me.

We made Bry his favorite breakfast, Biscuits and gravy, sausage, and scrambled eggs with onions and cheese in them. It was actually fabulous and very fattening!

Now we are just hanging out until church starts. I don't feel like going. I never feel like going anymore. I don't know why. I still have a very strong testimony and all that, I just don't want to go. Weird.

Anyway, Happy Father's day to all you great dads out there!

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Lisa M. said...

Ah Happy Father's Day Bry! I missed this entry? Where the snot of Budda did it come from? I swear on my sweet life, I check every day.


Thanks for inviting me over -

It was a yuck day around here!