Thursday, June 26, 2008

Free Movies.

Lisa was telling me about a blog she read where you list your 5 secret crushes. I am going to do a twist on that and tell you about my subconscious crushes! Crushes I didn't know I had! lol

Last week, for 3 nights in a row, I had dreams about famous men. In the first dream I had, Mikhail Barishnikov was in love with me. He wanted to marry me and Bry was fine with it, so I had two husbands. IT WAS FABULOUS!!!

The very next night, I had a dream about Nickolas Cage. I was in love with him but I didn't feel like he felt the same way. He was more interested in our 4 year old son we had together. It hurt, but what do you expect?

Night number three included George Clooney. He was very much in love with me and was funny and silly and I loved it. He did all sorts of funny things to win my heart. That was a cute dream.

I have always had dreams about famous men but not three nights in a row. I wake up and tell Bry about them and he just laughs! He must think I'm psycho!

I also had a dream once about being in love with Bill Nigh the Science Guy! Ya, I know. Don't say it! Go figure!

I do have a secret crush on many other actors including Hugh Jackman, Jim Caviezel, and a few others who's names don't come to mind.

I have to say. I love to dream. It's like going to the movies for free!!


Anonymous said...

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Lisa M. said...

I would have to say, my secret movie/tv star crush would probably be... Treat Williams.

He is a *Treat*


S'mee said...

Bill Nye? You can't have him...he's already mine! woot! I love me some geek!

Ambie T. said...

That was a great post. I love your candor! The Bill Nye thing is quite amusing. It made me laugh.