Friday, September 25, 2009

Need to vent!

I have been so anxious this week. I swear I'm going to get an ulcer. I've finally realized what it is too! At first, I was sure it was the coming conference, but the conference is over and I still feel it. You know, that feeling where you can't relax, something's coming. Nothing you do makes you feel any better and the more you feel it, the more tired and ornery you get! In fact, so tired and ornery that you want to pull your hair out and scream!

Well, it's my manuscript. I sent it in on Tuesday and I can't think, concentrate or sleep until I hear back. I'm sure that's the culprit. I haven't even been able to relax and read in the tub and that is saying something. If they don't call and tell me one way or another soon, I'm going to burst!

Please let it be "yes." Please let them say, "We love your book! We want to publish it!"

I can't stand the pressure! lol

Anyway, I feel better now. Just from venting. Thanks for the open ear.


Jennie said...

anytime... anytime!

we all need to vent now and again! :)

Jenn Wilks said...

Good luck!!!! **lots of contract signing vibes coming your way**